Improving Quality of Life for Disabled Pets

Taking on the responsibility of owning a handicapped pet is a brave and challenging endeavor. Potty training, feeding times, and social introductions suddenly become the easy parts of the process. That being said, handicapped pets have the biggest hearts in the world. It’s worth every single second, so get ready to start your adventure!

Boone_ Small Dog WheelchairMobility Challenged Pets

Nothing is more important than ensuring the comfort of your pet. And keeping them active and mobile is a big part of that. For disabled, paralyzed or aging pets,  a wheelchair gives them back their independence. Allowing them to play and enjoy time with their family.

Dog wheelchairs are design to alleviate pressure off aching bones and joints. Just like with us, they need to be able to get around without pushing through the pain. A wheelchair will help give them more freedom to roam and help them to get the exercise they need.

Make Your Home Disabled Pet Friendly

In order to accommodate to your pet’s needs, you’ll have to change things up a bit around the house. Ramps and baby gates are a great place to start, especially if you’re trying to allow or limit access to certain areas.

Baby gates are perfect barriers for handicapped animals. Our pets are very understanding of where they should and shouldn’t go if an obstacle is blocking them from a specific area. Ramps are great for climbing into bed, on the couch, up the stairs, and more! Just make sure you don’t leave any spaces on the sides where your pet could lose their balance and fall off. If your pet needs a wheelchair, then it’s important that all ramps are wide enough to support the wheelchair.

Blind Pomeranian in HaloPets with Vision Loss

Pets experiencing sudden blindness can become disoriented and struggle to adapt. For pets who are starting to experience vision loss, keep your house well lit. Extra light can help pets see shapes and shadows more clearly and is necessary to help pets who can’t see very well navigate the house safely.

As your pet’s vision worsens or becomes fully blind, a blind dog halo can help them to avoid obstacles and move around with confidence.

Pets with Hearing Loss

To keep a hearing-impaired pet safe takes a strong human-dog connection. Keeping them safe inside is simple, but the real challenge is keeping them safe outside. Since your pet can’t hear traffic or danger, keep your dog on a leash unless your yard is fenced in. At night, bring a flashlight outside with you and use the flashlight to alert your dog.


Pet Parent's Guide on How to Help Your Aging Pet

Proper Medications

Certain pain relievers and inflammation reducers are highly recommended to keep away any discomfort your pet may have. Since they can’t tell you that they’re in pain, it’s always a good idea to set up an appointment with your veterinarian to see what they prescribe, if anything.

In some cases, proper medication can restore functionality almost fully. Our pets are heavily hindered by unknown causes of pain. Relieving those issues helps them tremendously.

Keep Your Pet Entertained

BigPin King Camo Dog WheelchairAlthough a handicapped animal doesn’t have the same range of motion, energy, or mobility, they’re still fully packed with excitement to play and love. Keeping them entertained with various toys and activities helps prevent depression and other issues.

Try playing tug of war, setting up a play house, or popping on those double-sided shoes and hitting the park. Depending on what the situation might be, they might be fully capable of playing games.

All in all, you want to make sure your pet is having the best life they possibly can, while still being aware of their capabilities and limits. They might have predisposition from birth, due to an accident, or age alone. Regardless of the determining factor, it’s up to you to create a world filled with love, excitement, and happiness! Look for ways to help your pet not only survive but thrive and enjoy life.

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