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How this Disabled Pet Goat Inspired Action!

Pet goats were the topic of discussion on a recent Happy, Healthy Pets radio podcast, featuring Sarah Ericson, owner of Champ the Goat. Sarah and her family are part of the farm-to-table movement and raise dairy goats and ducks for eggs. Born to a rescue goat on their farm, Champ has some special needs.

Champ was born with disabled rear legs and requires a wheelchair to get around. Accordingly, the disabled pet goat is in an adjustable Walkin’ Wheels, which can accommodate changes in his growth. Champ’s become a house pet, as well as a playmate to the other goats on the farm, and has also prompted Sarah to become an advocate for disabled pets.

Disabled Pets Gathering Group


After Champ helped Sarah understand the needs of a disabled goat, Sarah was inspired to do something for other disabled animals. Consequently, she founded the Disabled Pets Gathering Group on Facebook.

The group helps to re-home and rehabilitate disabled animals throughout the country. These efforts help disabled animals relocate to homes or farms where they will be given the care they need to live happy lives.

Ever Hear of Sugar Gliders?


Another love of Sarah’s is her sugar gliders. She has two of these adorable animals, which are not to be confused with flying squirrels! They are actually marsupials, originating in places like Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea.

Marsupials start off life in a pouch, just like kangaroos. They are social creatures and very affectionate. Unlike flying squirrels, sugar gliders “bark” rather than chirp!

Sarah’s sugar gliders have enjoyed being part of the family for many years, ever since they adopted them from a woman who no longer wanted them.

Goats, Dogs, Sugar Gliders & a Snake – Oh, My!


Another important part of the family farm are the beautiful Poodle show dogs Sarah and her family care for. On the other end of the “fuzzy” spectrum, they also have a pet snake!

With 10 goats and two Sugar Gliders, the snake and dogs round out the family nicely.

As if Sarah wasn’t busy enough with caring for her large animal family, she also helps in the family business — check it out!

Listen to the Happy, Healthy Pets radio podcast with Sarah Ericson, on the “Champ the Goat” episode.

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  1. Loved your article about Champ. We have a fully grown Pygmy goat that is losing her use of the back legs. We are interested in giving her a longer lease on life by obtaining a set of wheels. Can you help us in this endeavor?

    • Hi Nathan, we see goats with mobility problems all the time (after dogs and cats, it’s probably the most common animal we put in a wheelchair!) Please give us a call at 888-253-0777, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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