Common Cocker Spaniel Health Issues

Cocker spaniel health issues

Cocker spaniels are the smallest breed in the sporting group of dogs. They are sturdy with compact bodies, and their size is ideal for the activities they engage in. They are gentle, loving, and loyal canines that are good with children and older adults. Though they are generally healthy dogs, there are some common cocker spaniel health issues that owners should be aware of.

Elbow Dysplasia

When the bones in the elbow fail to meet the joint properly, it can lead to painful movements in the forelimb and limping. There are many variations of elbow dysplasia, such as elbow incongruity, fragmented medial coronoid process, or ununited anconeal process. This condition will lead to elbow arthritis and should be managed with equipment such as Walkin’ Pets’ dog front leg splint, which helps secure the joint from instability. Elbow dysplasia occurs during body development and is most likely the result of genetics.

Eye Diseases

Cocker spaniels are prone to two different eye conditions that owner should consider early on. When looking at young cocker spaniels, ask the breeder for information regarding the parents’ eye history. Being aware of eye surgeries that may have taken place may shed some light on potential issues in a particular pup.

Cherry Eye

Cherry eye looks as though the lower eyelid is turning inside out. Often referred to as the third eyelid, cherry eye is when the eyelid and cataracts prolapse. It usually occurs in dogs under the age of two and is treatable with surgery.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy will eventually result in complete blindness. This condition is part of a group of degenerative diseases. It affects photoreceptor cells that deteriorate over time. Unfortunately, there is no cure yet. However, with support, your dog can still live a comfortable life.

Ear Infections

Cocker spaniels have long ears that require much attention. Upkeep of the ears is essential, as they are vulnerable to infection. Stay vigilant in maintaining ear cleanliness and health. This breed’s ears can develop yeast infections, canker sores, and attract ear mites if left dirty and wet, among other issues. These issues are easily avoidable with proper care, frequent grooming, and regular vet check-ups.

Lip Fold Dermatitis

Lip fold dermatitis is also known as cocker mouth and can be a common issue for this breed. Dog breath can be rough in any breed. However, if you notice that your cocker’s mouth is particularly pungent, this may be due to a foreign body stuck between their teeth or teeth issues in general. Regular inspections of your dog’s mouth can maintain oral hygiene and avoid a developing infection. If bad breath continues without a detectable obstruction, check the fur around the mouth.

Cocker spaniels are a wonderful breed of dog to add to your family. Maintaining awareness of common cocker spaniel health issues will allow you to predict possible problems long before they become serious. The more support you can lend your pup, the better shape they’ll be in for the duration of their life.

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  1. Thank you for the health tips. Our Cocker Spaniel/Poodle Mixwas prone to ear infections and now we know why and what to look out for.

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