City Living with Senior Pets: Adjusting to Apartment Life

If you’re moving to the city with your furry friend or relocating to a new apartment, you need to do your homework. The perfect new home must work for both you and your pet, especially if they’re approaching their sunset years. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can help your senior pet feel comfortable in a new apartment.

Choosing the Right Apartment for an Aging Pet

Finding Comfort in the Familiar

Blind dog on a walkA new location can be intimidating for any pet but may be especially scary for an older dog. And, if your pet is starting to lose their eyesight, the transition will be even more challenging. You can make them more comfortable by keeping their favorite objects (food, toys, or bed) in similar locations to your last home.

Ease the transition by guiding them around their new home. Take the time point out different locations and smells, as this will help them to be more comfortable and less anxious. Resist the urge to clean that grungy toy too, familiar smells make your pet feel safe.

Accessing Upper-Level Units

Is your new apartment on an upper floor? As dogs age, their muscles atrophy and they begin to lose strength in their legs. Will you be able to get your dog up and down the stairs? If your dog is unsteady on their feet, beginning to lose their balance or struggling to stand, it might be time to give them a little help.

A lifting harness that provides support to your dog’s front and rear end will help them to feel more stable. As a result, you can gently assist your dog up and down the stairs, making the trip safer for you both.

Getting Around Indoors

Boone Dog ScooterIs the flooring at your new place slippery? Older pets can struggle to keep their footing on hardwood and tile floors. Your older pet may need area rugs or traction socks to help them grip the floor and keep their feet under them.

Paralyzed pets need a bit more space to navigate around than a younger, healthy pet. Keep paths clean and avoid clutter. Always make sure there is plenty of room for your pet to move around. A mobility solution, like the Walkin’ Scooter is great for apartment dogs!

The Scooter sits low to the ground and allows your pet to move around easily. It can scoot through tighter spaces, around corners and fits easily through the smaller doorways in your apartment.

Enjoying the Outside

When choosing your new apartment, be sure to consider outside space. Is there a green space or dog park nearby? How accessible is it? Older and disabled pets tire easily. If it’s a long walk, the walk to and from the park make be challenging and exhausting for your pup. Make sure there is a safe space nearby for your daily walks.

As your dog adventures outdoors and gets used to the new sights and smells, keep a tight hold on their leash. Even an old dog can be startled and take off suddenly when scared. And, if your pet is micro-chipped, don’t forget to change your contact information to your new address just in case.

Do you have any helpful tips for city life with a disabled pet? Share in the comments below!

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