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How to Choose the Right Food for your New Puppy

There is no better way to lighten your day than having a cute little fur baby. But, whenever you have a pet, it becomes a responsibility more than just playing with them. Just like they help you make your life better and happier, they rely entirely on you for their life.

Be it any type of pet, they cannot speak but only give your signs to convey their discomfort or sorrow. Therefore, being mindful of their food and comfort is quintessential when you have one. Every pet’s food need is different; thus, we emphasize choosing the right puppy food in this article.

Six mindful ways to choose the right food for your puppy

Puppies are small and at a stage of growth. Thus, their digestive and immune system develops at this age. So, you must be careful in finding the right food for your newly brought puppy as it determines their health.

Check out these six vital paths to getting the right puppy food.

1. Choose the brand mindfully.

You must ensure that the brand you feed your puppy has already been tested and is effective on puppies. There are several trials and marks for quality approval in different countries that you can rely on. So, always make sure to feed your puppy from the brand that is made for them and safe.

2. Go through the label and ingredients.

A puppy food package has a lot on the labels. The label can state the size or breed kind of a puppy that it is suitable for and what ingredients the packet includes. You must understand the actual food sources and their elements and whether these are suitable for your pup or not. In addition, it helps you avoid foods that include ingredients to which your puppy is allergic.

3. Calculate the calories wisely.

The calory that each portion of your puppy food has is a vital factor in their growth. So, once you know the ingredients are good enough, please look at their nutritional values. It can tell you whether the meal can meet up to your fur baby’s caloric need or not.

4. Consider your puppy’s size.

You must consider that not every puppy needs the same food or portion. It entirely depends on the puppies’ size and breed type. More simply, I can say that the bone growth of a rottweiler puppy will not match the same of a Chihuahua puppy. While the first one grows way bigger and stronger, the latter grows smaller and more delicate. So, you must feed them the right kind of food for their proper bone growth need.

5. Portions of puppy food matter.

This point is similar to the previous point, where breeds’ bone growth and strength development vary. Therefore, a smaller breed does not need to be fed the same portion that a larger breed is being fed. Often, we overfeed our puppies, resulting in indigestion and discomfort. A great shelter like PuppyHeaven will always guide you on the appropriate portion and type of food for your puppy.

6. Introduce a new diet gradually.

Lastly, whenever you plan to start a new diet or bring changes in diet, do it gradually. Start with excluding foods that may cause discomfort or allergy. Then, start adding foods that have immunity builder properties gradually. A drastic change in their food habit may cause harm to your puppy’s digestion as it is still in a growing stage and has lower adaptivity.

Bottom line

Our pets are like our family members; we include and love them just like we love our kids, brothers, or sisters. Therefore, our attachment to them is as emotional as the same with a human being. Losing a pet is a lifelong pain that no one wants to experience.

However, many reports say that major life-threatening concerns to our pets occur due to the negligence of food choices. We often do not realize how and when we hurt them by feeding them whatever we think is okay. Thus, unknowingly we end up putting their life at risk.

These methods are pivotal to choosing food when you bring a newborn or toddler puppy to your home. Thus, you can ensure your puppy’s health for both its present and future.

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