Bibis Inspires Entire Family

It’s been a while since I first purchased a Handicapped Pets wheelchair for my dog Bibis. I lost Bibis a year ago, but it still hurts so much. Bibis was born a perfect, healthy, crazy puppy. He was the son of my own dog, Doggie. Bibis was extremely playful and candid. He was the cutest dog ever; so charming. He quickly became my best friend.
We would dance together, have treats together. I was so sure he knew what I was thinking and how I was feeling all the time. We created a bond I have never experienced in life with anyone. At age 9, Bibis ran away from home a few blocks away. He had done this a few times before, but this time a vehicle struck him and left him there.
At the time, I was at college, but I had the feeling that I had to go home. When I was driving home I found Bibis in the road, and were people trying to help him. He couldn’t move from the waist down and I took him to the vet immediately. They gave him an MRI and found out his spine was broken. Doctors asked if I wanted him to go through surgery or if i wanted him to go to sleep. I chose surgery. A year after his surgery it was confirmed that it didn’t work, and Bibis couldn’t walk. I searched the internet for help and came across HandicappedPets. We’re from Mexico but it offered international shipping, so we ordered and received it quickly.
Bibis had a terrible year, lying on the ground or dragging himself around. When he got his wheelchair, he looked at me with those lovely and adorable eyes of his. He was back, he was my happy baby again. Bibis died last year at age 15, happy, at his house, surrounded by the biggest love in the world. He is the best gift life has ever give to me. At times, I feel his charm and love is still by my side.
Thank you for helping my best friend get a second chance and have an opportunity to keep enjoying life in the way he wanted: happy, playful, careless. Bibis inspired my entire family. He gave us strength and hope, while being dedicated to us his entire life.

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