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Arlo’s Tale: From Forgotten to Forever

After being left paralyzed due to a traumatic injury, Caroline (now named Arlo) was surrendered by her owner to the Veterinary Emergency Group and a Friend of Jack Rescue (AFOJR). Paralyzed from a traumatic spinal injury, the 7-month old boxer mix would need a special home and a wheelchair to live her best life. This sweet and fun loving pup quickly adapted to her new life on wheels and everyone at the rescue was hopeful that she’d find her forever home quickly. However, six months later Caroline hadn’t received a single adoption inquiry.

Social Media to the Rescue

Arlo the paralyzed pit bull puppy

Walkin’ Pets caught wind of her story through @gogo_hops, and knew it was time to step in. Walkin’ Pets shared Caroline’s story across social media and she quickly caught the attention of thousands of people nationwide. Within a few short days, a Friend of Jack Rescue went from zero applications to dozens! Everyone wanted to adopt Caroline!

One day, less than a week later the rescue made an important social media announcement:

“Best news ever!!! Our precious, resilient, perfect pup Caroline, has officially been adopted after 6 months in foster care with ZERO applications! While we may have lost hope every now and then, Caroline reminded us everyday that there was someone waiting for her, ready to give her a wonderful home. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help!”

A Friend of Jack Rescue

The Perfect Home for Caroline

When Jen Healy and her partner Em weren’t looking to add another dog to their family, but when they saw Caroline they knew they had to reach out.

Roscoe and Arlo

When Caroline, renamed Arlo met her new brother Roscoe it was love at first sight! Arlo keeps her brother Roscoe on his toes as he helps to show her the ropes of life in her new forever home. While Jen and Em acknowledge that it can be intimidating to think about the logistics of caring for an animal with special needs—let alone two! — Roscoe and Arlo have made it so worth it for them. They initially had concerns that taking their pets in and out of wheelchairs and other mobility devices would cause the dogs more stress than happiness, but they have found that it is the complete opposite.

Watching the two of them play and move around like any other dog is incredibly rewarding. Jen says that people shouldn’t be scared to adopt a dog in a wheelchair. “Sometimes the form that love takes is figuring out their needs are and how you can meet those needs. They don’t bring any less joy because they need wheelchairs, and they’re no less deserving of full lives because they need a little extra help.”

Arlo and Roscoe’s Story

Follow Roscoe and Arlo on all their adventures on Instagram @roscgoes

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