Animal Rescues in Moscow & Mexico Help Disabled Dogs

It is always a sign of hope for the world when we learn of animal rescues helping disabled animals. Not only does it help the animals, but it shows that compassion is alive and active. This is something that is so essential in today’s troubled world.

Zhizn na kolyaskein in Moscow

Life in a Wheelchair (Zhizn na kolyaskein) is a group founded in Moscow by two sisters, Elizaveta and Anastasia Karavaeva. The group assists disabled dogs from various rescues and raises funds. In addition, they connect dogs with rehabilitation centers. They also help bring dog wheelchairs to Moscow for dogs who need them.

The rescue group arose out of a poodle rescue site. One of the poodles is disabled (see photo above). The Life in a Wheelchair group naturally emerged.

From their Facebook page:

“We created this page to help volunteers caring for such animals in shelters. Also to support people who were not afraid and took home a mangled animal, but experience difficulties. So help is needed to acquire a wheelchair or special help for a pet.”

The group also promotes awareness of issues affecting disabled animals. They help to educate the public that disabled animals can live normal, happy lives if given some assistance. Donations are accepted to help pay for the cost of assistance. You can contact the group through their Facebook page:

To illustrate what they do, here is a video from Moscow. It shows sweet pups walking with the help of MINI Walkin’ Wheels:

Here is another video from Moscow of disabled dogs and a cat as well, who they have helped:

Animalidades A.C. in Mexico

Mexico City experienced a major earthquake on September 19. An estimated 370 people were killed as a result. This includes 228 in Mexico City. More than 6,000 people were injured and many more displaced. As with all major natural disasters, countless animals and domestic pets are affected as well.

Animalidades A.C. is an association that is collaborating with several organizations in Mexico. They help the animals and their families adversely affected by the earthquake. The work is done mainly in Morelos, just south of Mexico City. Contact Animalidades A.C. through their Facebook page:

The activists work tirelessly year-round. They promote rescue from the streets where many dogs and cats live. Instead of buying pets, rescue is promoted. To that end, they hold monthly animal adoption fairs. They also promote neutering and sterilization for the benefit of the animals.

Because many dogs live on the street, they are often hit by vehicles. As a result, they sustain disabling injuries. These are the animals perhaps most desperately in need.

Watch this video to see the Morales animal activists and rescue organizations in action:

As animal activist Andy Bustos says in the video:

“If we want to reach transcendence as human beings, we can’t hope to transcend without communion with those around us.”

Hope for the World

As Mahatma Gandhi said,

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Let’s promote compassion and kindness in the world for both animals and people. We can start making that a reality by demonstrating it in our own actions.

Thank you to the animal rescues around the globe. They are helping to make a positive impact on our world. If you are moved by the work they do, reach out to them. Assist them if you are able. Or find out what animal organization is working in your own neighborhood. Ask what you can do to help!

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