10 Reasons You Should Adopt a Disabled Pet

Adopting a disabled pet can be extremely rewarding, but they aren’t always at the top of the list for those looking to adopt. Here are some great reasons to consider adopting a specially-abled pet:

  1. Companionship

A disabled pet can be exceptionally good company. It relies on you a little more, often creating an extra special bond.

  1. You Save a Life  disabled pet

Many disabled animals in shelters face a greater chance of being put down compared to their neighbors in the shelter. Adoption saves them and affords them a second chance at life in the comfort of a family home.

  1. Hidden Strengths

An animal with a disability often compensates for a weakness in an extraordinary way in another sense. For instance, a blind dog could have an extremely good sense of smell or hearing.

  1. disabled black dog playingIt’s Rewarding

Nothing feels half as good as helping an animal; it’s therapeutic and very satisfying.

Adopting a handicapped pet magnifies those feelings.


  1. You Can Inspire Others

If you take the step of adopting an animal with a handicap, rest assured that you will inspire someone else to do the same.

  1. Your Pet Can Inspire You

Seeing your pet overcome its unique challenges every day can give you strength to face your own challenges with confidence.

  1. great disabled dogLoyalty

Disabled pets are said to make some of the most loyal friends of all time. They show appreciation for all the care you give them by remaining fiercely loyal to you.

  1. Life Lessons

Taking care of a disabled pet can teach you how to be a more selfless individual. As you care for your disabled pet, your sense of empathy and compassion will grow.

  1. No Attitude Problems

A disabled animal usually has no idea that it is disabled. As such, they lead a normal life without a “poor me” attitude.

  1. Disabled Pets Are Full of Life two disabled dogs

Disabled animals are delightful to be around. They are full of life and usually have an energetic and lively approach toward life!

So what are you waiting for?!

Thank you to freelance writer and guest blogger Stephanie Lynch for contributing this blog post.


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