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How to Keep Your Dog Active All Winter

We all know that it’s a challenge to exercise in winter. But, regardless of how cold it is your dog still needs to exercise. Your dog needs exercise to stay healthy and happy. 

Lacking exercise will lead to various types of behavior problems such as increased anxiety, high-aggression, hyperactive behavior that can lead to destructive habits and various other behavioral issues. Don’t worry! We’ve compiles creative ways that you can use to make your dog feel good and look great this winter:

Play Fetch or Tug-of-War

Although these games are usually played outside, yet why not bring them inside. If your house has enough space, then it will be an amazing way to assist your dog to stay active. If your space is increasingly limited, a foyer can carry out the responsibility. 

Puppies Chewing Toy

Get into the game by tossing his preferred pet toy or ball and race with him to get instead of watching him pursue it. Moreover, it is an extremely fun game to play. No equipment is required except a rope or a favorite toy

Some dogs can become territorial and may exhibit aggressive behavior. At the first sign of trouble, stop playing. Play time should be encouraged and fun, but it’s not a place for bad behavior. Both you and your dog must have a good relationship and respect each other.  

Plan a Puppy Playdate

Doggie play dates are another great way to keep your dog engaged and moving year-round. Invite a friend and their furry buddy over for play time and have them hang out for a few hours. 

Playing Puppies

Give them a few toys and let them play together. Is this the first time the two dogs have met? If so, introduce them to each other in a neutral space, if the weather’s nice enough meet outside. This way they can slowly get comfortable with each other before introducing toys. Remember when two dogs play together it can get a little rough!

Play time with another dog will help them get the exercise they need and help with separation anxiety. Exercise is only one way to deal separation anxiety.

Try an Indoor Dog Treadmill

If it’s too cold outside for your daily walk, try walking your dog on a treadmill. It’s a great way to exercise to spend time with your dog. 

If it’s your dog’s first time on the treadmill than don’t push him, set the treadmill at low speed and gave your dog a chance to get adjusted. Once your dog gets comfortable then you can increase the speed. Give him treats every so often to inspire him to remain on the treadmill. 

After your dog gets adjusted with speed, increase the difficulty step by step by slowly increasing the speed. It will truly give him a decent exercise experience. If your dog loves it, you can always get a doggy treadmill. Dog treadmills are smaller in size, so it won’t take up too much space in your home or condo.

Dog doesn’t like the treadmill? Never force them, if your dog doesn’t like it, then there are plenty of different exercises to try.

Plan a Doggy Scavenger Hunt

Rehab therapy for dog injuries

This exercise will help you to put your dog’s “natural instinct to chase” at use. Hide your dog’s favorite treats around the house and let them start the hunt. This exercise encourages your dog to use their sense of smell as they search.  

Start by putting food in spots where it can be found easily. Once your dog improves, it’s time to up the challenge. Hide treats in tricky spots that are harder to find. This will keep your dog engaged and having fun!

Build a Puppy Obstacle Course

Challenge your pet physically and mentally. The course of hurdles is another amazing exercise that you can set-up for your hairy friend. You can utilize such a large number of things you have around the house to fabricate one: pads, covers, seats, a hula circle, and numerous different things. 

Make a passage in which your dog can run and other small hurdles over which your dog can hop over or around. And don’t forget to energize him with the reward of a treat.

Play Hide and Seek

This is great one for dogs and their kids! The whole family can enjoy a game of hide and seek. Every member alternately plays this game by hiding treats in at various places in your home. The concealing individual should call the dog by his name or squeaking a toy. When the dog finds the person hiding, reward him with a treat, praise, or their favorite toy. Not only will this keep your dog moving, it’s fun for the whole family!

Keep Your Dog Engaged

Want to keep your dog busy on their own? Try food dispensing balls or puzzle toys are another extraordinary game for your dog. They encourage your dog to work for his food and can keep him engaged for hours. In this way, your dog works physically as well as exercise mentally. 

Signup for Dog Classes

Agility training for small dogs

Classes are incredible for your dog as it gets the opportunity to exercise and socialize with different dogs. If your dog is a puppy (or needs to learn some manners) try an obedience class. Need something more challenging? Agility classes are great for incredibly active dogs, and swimming classes are available for dogs who love the water.

So, this winter when the weather outside is frightful try something new! Keep your dog fit and active all winter long. Have any other indoor exercise ideas to keep our furry friends fit this winter? Please share in the comments.

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