What You Need to Know About Dog Supplements

Dog supplements abound in the marketplace, so how do you know which ones to choose? Russell Phillips from Wholistic Pet Organics weighed in on the subject on the recent “Happy, Healthy Pets” radio podcast.

Why Give Dog Supplements?

Always consult with your veterinarian before providing supplements for your dog to make sure there are no counter-indications to supplementation based on the dog’s history and physical needs. Furthermore, giving your pet a dog food with high-quality ingredients will likely provide your dog with the right balance of vitamins and minerals needed.

Russell, of Wholistic Pet Organics, suggests that if you provide your dog with a homemade diet, supplementation may be necessary to fill any dietary gaps in vitamins or minerals. Of course, there are specific medical conditions that may benefit from supplementation. Again, consult with your veterinarian to ensure you are giving your dog what best meets his/her needs.

Trust Your Source

logo-wholistic-pet-organicsFirst, it is important that you have trust in your source of dog supplements. Russell’s family has operated The Wholistic Pet and Equine Center in Bedford, N.H., for decades. As such, they have built a loyal customer base.

Wholistic Pet Organics is the manufacturing arm of The Wholistic Pet and Equine Center. They pride themselves on the use of USDA certified organic and human grade ingredients.

Joint Supplements

canine joint supplement

The Canine Complete product for joint mobility is the latest product offered by Wholistic Pet Organics. It contains MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin — ingredients that are essential in joint health.

Not only can a supplement like this alleviate some joint pain, but it may also help to prevent the progression of potential degeneration due to arthritis or other disease. Once again, consult with your veterinarian!

Radio Podcast on Dog Supplements

To hear more conversation about the value of supplements for dogs, cats, and other pets, listen to the “Supplements for your pet” episode of “Happy, Healthy Pets with Mark C. Robinson.”

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