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7 Dog Mobility Aids that Help Your Dog Stay Active

There are a range of mobility conditions that can affect your dog or cat’s ability to keep up with you. Degenerative myelopathy, IVDD, neurological issues, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other joint conditions can all cause your dog to slow down or impact their overall mobility. Luckily, assistive devices are available to help any size dog to stay active and help get them moving.

Support Slings and Lifting Harnesses

BuddyUp Rear harness for dog back leg support

Struggling to stand up and balance issues are early signs that a dog’s mobility is changing. A dog’s arthritic joints may be painful and make standing up a slow and difficult process. A lifting harness can help you safely support your dog and save your back at the same time!

A simple rear support leash or harness is the perfect solution for dogs who are in the earliest stages of mobility loss. The support leash slides easily up a dog’s back legs allowing you to gently lift and guide a dog up off the ground. A simple and quick way to help your dog outside, on the stairs, or into the car.

The aid of a dog support sling can help relieve some of the weight placed on the legs of an injured pet or those recovering from surgery. Allowing them to walk comfortably with their pet parent’s assistance. Perfect for quick trips outside or light exercise.

Dog Wheelchairs

rear dog wheelchair

A dog wheelchair helps improve canine mobility and provides pets with the support they need.

Getting pets back on their feet and back to what’s really important, being with their family. Whether a dog is paralyzed, starting to lose strength in their back legs, or just needs a little help to improve their mobility, every dog wants to be moving.

Pets struggling with a progressive mobility condition, like DM, whose condition will worsen over time to eventually affect the front leg strength, will need a cart that adjusts to fit their changing mobility. The Walkin’ Wheels rear support dog wheelchair can easily be converted into a four-wheel or quad wheelchair by adding the front attachment at any time.

Canine Scooters for Indoor Mobility

dog scooter for paralyzed dog

The Walkin’ Scooter is perfect for a paralyzed dog to use inside the house when not using their wheelchair. Designed to easily glide in any direction on almost any floor, the scooter keeps pets active all day long.

The scooter sits low to the ground to allow pets to lie down and rest comfortably. Perfect for dogs who tire easily and like to rest in between play times. Its lightweight design, and roller ball wheels make it easy for a paralyzed pet to go anywhere they want to inside.

Hip Support and Hip Braces

canine hip brace

Canine hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other hip issues can deeply impact a dog’s ability to walk. A dog hip brace provides compression and a feeling of lift that can alleviate hip pain and make it easier for a pet to stay active.

Although more prevalent in large breed dogs, hip dysplasia can occur in any dog and at any age.

For the best outcome, combine a dog hip brace with canine rehab therapy, joint supplements, and medical management. Dysplasia can occur to varying degrees of severity, and you should always see your Vet before beginning a treatment plan.

Canine Splints and Joint Support

Adjustable dog splint for front leg injury

Pet splints and dog leg wraps help support a pet’s injured limbs, paws, and joints. Providing joint support can help to stabilize a sprain, strain, or ligament injury, making it easier for the dog to stay active as they heal. A splint provides rigid support to a pet’s lower limb and fits the natural angle of a pet’s hock or carpal joint. Stabilizing the joint can help to maintain proper alignment, which makes weight-bearing and normal activity possible.  

Splints and leg wraps simplify daily wound care, making it easier to manage. An adjustable pet splint can widen to accommodate a pet’s swollen or wrapped leg and can even be worn over a bandage. At nighttime, when the splint is removed, a neoprene leg wrap can be worn in its place. Wrist and Hock wraps provide light support above and below the joint as the leg heals further. Dog leg wraps are perfect for arthritic joint support and allow pets to move easily without straining or restricting the joint.

Spinal Support and Dog Back Braces

Canine back support system for dog back pain

Canine back injuries and spinal conditions require a back brace to support the spine and surrounding muscles. Back braces are designed to conform to and support the contours of the back. Back support helps relieve back pain while allowing pets to run, sit and go to the bathroom.

The vertebraVe uses the comfort of breathable materials and memory foam inlays with metal support rods to help stabilize a dog’s back. Back support is ideal for dogs with spinal arthritis, IVDD, or back pain.

Blind Dog Halo

Blind dog halo for dogs with vision loss

Although pet blindness is not a ‘mobility condition,’ as their vision changes, so does their confidence. Adjusting to vision loss can be a struggle. Mapping their surroundings is a daily challenge that can lead to a pet feeling confused and lost in their own home.

A blind dog halo helps a pet to safely navigate the space around them. The halo gently bumps into obstacles before the pet does, to guide them around the house. A halo gives blind dogs and cats the confidence they need to move around safely.

Final Takeaway

A change in a pet’s mobility does not have to be an end-of-life decision. There are mobility solutions available to you and your pet. With a little help, the right mobility aid, and the support of your pet care professional, your dog can live a happy, active life.

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