2019 Walkin’ Pets Calendar Contest Has Begun!

The 2019 Walkin’ Pets Calendar Contest has officially launched! It’s time for pet owners to get out their cameras and photograph their furry family member for a chance to be featured in the popular contest.

The annual contest began in 2016 and features pets using Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs. The calendar raises awareness about disabled pets and their ability to live active lives with the help of wheels.

Entry Guidelines

  • To enter the contest, submit your favorite photo of your pet in a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.
  • You can submit up to three photos of your pet; Walkin’ Pets staff will decide which one to enter.
  • Please submit photos that are high resolution and as large as possible. (Thumbnails don’t show up very well in a calendar!)
  • Photos larger in width than in height show up better in the calendar, should your pet be a winner.
  • People and other pets may also be in the photo. But remember that at least one pet must be in a Walkin’ Wheels to enter the contest.
  • Photos that were already featured in any way in previous Walkin’ Pets calendars cannot be entered. But your pet can be – just not the same photo!

The calendar contest submission period is June 1, 2018 through July 31, 2018, 5PM EST.

Last year, entries came from 31 countries and 40 U.S. states; let’s see how many countries and states entries will be represented this year!

Everyone Is a Winner

A page from the 2018 Walkin’ Pets calendar.

Let’s face it, every pet who is entered in the contest is a winner! Walkin’ Wheels pets show the world what is possible with a little help. Specially abled animals generally go about their lives with pluck and spirit.

That said, only 13 pets are chosen to be featured with a larger photo, either for one of the months or on the cover. Each year, we’ve done our best to put every other pet somewhere in the calendar, and we’ll endeavor to do that again this year.

The 13 winners will be chosen by public voting on our Facebook page during the whole month of August 2018. Winners are chosen based on the number of “likes” each photo receives in the calendar contest Facebook photo gallery. This year, the cover photo will be chosen out of that group by Walkin’ Pets staff, based on their determination of the best photo.

Walkin’ Pets sends press releases of each winning pet to media in their state or country with the pet’s story and photo. In past years, some calendar contestants up for adoption found their forever homes through the press they received! In addition, rescues get better known when their pets enter. Consequently, the general public becomes more aware of the capabilities of special needs pets and what great pets they make!

Finally, all profit from Walkin’ Pets calendar sales is donated to the Handicapped Pets Foundation, which donates wheelchairs to pets in need.

See for Yourself!

Wondering what sorts of photos are entered into the contest? Then take a look at this video to see all the entries from the 2018 Calendar Contest:

So how do you enter your pet into the contest? Visit the Walkin’ Pets Calendar Contest webpage. There is no fee to enter.

Finally, have fun and good luck to everyone!

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