Local Rehab Facility and HandicappedPets.com work together to save dog from euthanization.Watch this inspiring tale of a dog who, after of weeks of therapy in a donated wheelchair, is able to walk again!

Billy Bob, a disabled Doberman from LA, will live happily due to a wheelchair cart donated by HandicappedPets.com, Amherst, NH.

When a dearly loved pet — a member of the family — becomes disabled it can have a huge impact, both emotionally and financially. Billy Bob’s owner, unable to handle the physical demands of a large dog that can not walk, made the painful decision to have Billy Bob euthanized. At the time, the dog was receiving post-spinal surgery treatment at Two Hands, Four Paws animal rehabilitation facility in LA where he had made amazing progress. Leslie Gallager McMahon, owner of the facility, saw the life in Billy Bob’s eyes and knew that, with a little help, Billy Bob could have many happy years.

“He is a happy healthy dog, other than paralysis on his right side now. It is not time to let him go,” said Leslie Gallager McMahon, owner of Two Hands Four Paws, Inc.”.

Leslie contacted HandicappedPets.com, a website for caretakers of elderly, disabled, and special needs pets. Through their HandicappedPets.tv promotion, they were able to raise enough to donate a dog wheelchair to Billy Bob.

Billy Bob is doing well in his new home at Four Paws and looks forward to many years of happy, healthy life in his HandicappedPets.com wheelchair.

HandicappedPets.com is a website with everything you need to help you care for an elderly, disabled, and special needs pet including products, services, and support.

Two Hands Four Paws offers canine massage therapy, rehabilitation and swim therapy services in Los Angeles.

Doberman saved by donated pet wheelchair