Belly Belts


dog wheelchair replacement parts

Product Details

The belly belt is design to provide support to your dog’s back directly under the abdomen.

Belly Belt size is based on your Walkin’ Wheels strut and wheel size. For complete details on choosing the perfect fit, see the Sizing Table, below.

How to Choose the Right Size


  1. Dachshunds should order medium size
  2. Corgis should order large size
  3. Medium w/c with 12″ wheels should order large size
Strut and Wheels Belly Belt Size
4″ Small
8″ Small
6×8″ Medium
9×8″ Medium
12×8″ Medium
9×12″ Large
12×12″ Large
12×16″ Large
15×16″ Large
18×16″ Large

Upgrade to Walkin’ Belly Support for dogs with back and disc issues.

Product Instructions