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Walkin' Wheels Amputee Leg Ring Cover
Walkin'® Amputee Cover: To use over a leg ring of the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair for pets with a smooth leg amputation.

Walkin’ Wheels Amputee Leg Ring Cover

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Dog Wheelchair and Leg Rings are not included.



How to put on the Walkin’ Wheels Amputee Leg Ring Cover


The Walkin’ Amputee Cover is for pets with a leg amputation for use with the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. The cover fits over the Walkin’ Wheels leg ring to accommodate a pet who has had a smooth amputation to increase comfort. This will also work if you have a Quad cart, using the leg rings.

  • Made of soft neoprene for maximum comfort.
  • Machine washable, hang dry.
  • Fits perfectly over leg rings for Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair
  • Ideal for pets with smooth amputations without a stump
  • Available in four sizes: XSmall, Small, Medium & Large


Size Wheelchair Size
XSmall Mini Wheelchair
Small Small Wheelchair
Medium Medium Wheelchair
Large Large Wheelchair


Walkin' Amputee Cover step 1

Unclip both straps on one side of the wheelchair and feed through small opening of amputee cover.

Walkin' Amputee Cover step 2

Keep pulling the straps through the cover.

Walkin' Amputee Cover step 3

Position the cover and reclip to the wheelchair pegs until it locks in place.


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