Amputee Dog in Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair

Thank you HandicappedPets and Walkin’ Wheels for giving Little Bit her independence again. Little Bit came into my life in 2002 when a former student brought her to me when she was one week old. He told me she was missing her right foot. He thought a rat had chewed her foot off because he pulled her and her siblings from under a storage building. I bottled fed her and dressed her leg. She would later need to have her leg amputated above the knee due to the lower bones growing outward.

I want to also let you know that Little Bit saved my life when she was 2 years old. I had an asthma attack and was in respiratory distress and passed out trying to get to the telephone. Later, I felt something in my hand and realized she had brought me the cordless phone and placed it in my hand. I never trained her to get the phone.

She tore her ACL and collateral ligaments about 2 months ago and will later need surgery. I found Walkin’ Wheels on the Internet and called to get more information. Little Bit has been using Walkin’ Wheels for one month and she uses the Walkin’ Wheels optional harness because of her amputation. The harness is great because I can transfer her in and out of Walkin’ Wheels. At first, I transitioned her using Walkin’ Wheels 1 to 2 times a day and she goes everywhere now. She primarily had to adapt to walking on a hillside. Little Bit has complete confidence and has gained her independence through using the cart. She has her mobility back thanks to Walkin’ Wheels.

Thank you again for making Little Bit’s life better. Your product has made both of our lives happier. Walkin’ Wheels is very easy to assemble, adjust, and lightweight to transport.

Thank you,

Anna Parker