The Amigo Dog Wheelchair is an invention of Israeli engineer Nir Shalom. This outstanding innovation is more of a prosthetic, as it attaches securely to the dog and works like a part of his or her body. It is essentially a custom-built wheelchair that cannot be adjusted. Walkin’ Pets was impressed with this unique invention and wanted to share Mr. Shalom’s video.

There have been attempts by other companies to make a sit-down or lay-down dog wheelchair that is adjustable, but unfortunately, the reviews have been quite bad and the return rates very high. Walkin’ Pets does not advocate the use of this type of wheelchair, because the safety and health of the dog is of paramount importance to us. We believe the Walkin’ Wheels fully adjustable dog wheelchair is the highest quality product available. The Walkin’ Wheels is designed to enable pets to stay active, which helps maintain muscle strength and overall good health.