AMHERST, NH (May 11, 2021) – Rescue puppy Benjamin radiates joy and happiness, you would never know from watching him what a difficult hand he has been dealt in his short life. With a giant smile and his adorable hop, Benjamin Bunny is a joyful puppy who connects with everyone he meets! Born unable to walk, Benjamin was surrendered by a breeder at only two weeks old to Bosley’s Place, a Georgia-based dog rescue that specializes in young puppies. Unable to nurse, the volunteers at Bosley’s Place bottle fed Benny by hand until he grew strong enough to move in with his new foster family at The Tucker Farm at just 6-weeks old. Despite therapy and rehab for his back legs Benjamin did not improve much. Although he was always smiling, they knew to give Benjamin the best chance they needed to get him walking, it was time to get him his first wheelchair.

Benny Receives His First Wheelchair


As a growing puppy, his foster family knew that he needed a wheelchair that would grow with him. Walkin’ Pets, a pet mobility company based out of New Hampshire, worked with the family to get him a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, an adjustable mobility cart that will grow with Benny. As he grows taller, bigger wheels and taller struts can be used to give him the height he needs to be comfortable. Luckily, Benjamin took to his wheelchair right away! His foster mom says, “Benjamin loves his wheelchair and wheelchair time is priceless to him! For now, we are doing short periods of time in his wheels as we work to build up his strength, but Benny would stay in his Walkin’ Wheels all day if we let him!  I love his independence with his wheels. We are outside often here so the way he’s able to move freely and get what he needs is life changing for all of us. Benny doesn’t seem to spend time feeling sorry for his handicap but delights in what he has.”

Benjamin still has a difficult road ahead of him. After visiting two different neurologists, one being at the University of Georgia, both confirmed that Benjamin has a severe spinal deformity behind his shoulders, which leaves Benny paralyzed from the shoulders back. Jennifer says, “It has been hard to comprehend because he has SO much back leg and tail movement. But both doctors explained this is a reflex movement and he has no idea it’s happening. Luckily for Benny his back leg movement helps in his wheelchair!”

Although Benny will never be able to walk, there is a chance he will become a spinal walker as he grows. The most important thing is that Benny is pain free. Both his foster family and Bosley’s Place are committed to making sure Benjamin is always happy and healthy. Willing to do anything they can for Benjamin can come at a high cost, with veterinary bills piling up Benny’s foster family has started a GoFundMe to help support his medical needs. Benny’s foster mom says, “we are still searching for the PERFECT family for him. However, he is here with us until that day happens. There will only be happy tails for his future.”

Follow Benny’s journey online @TheTuckerFarm and All photos and videos are courtesy of The Tucker Farm.

Benny’s Foster Mom Shares His Story


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