2016 Calendar Contest
With the polls closing later this evening, the highly anticipated first annual Handicapped Pets calendar contest is coming to a close. The Amherst, NH based company created the contest for handicapped-pet owners to submit photos of their dearest fur-babies in their shiny rides—Walkin’ Wheels!

Handicapped Pets, founded by Mark C. Robinson in 2001, is a company that designs and distributes wheelchairs and other accessories for elderly, disabled, and handicapped animals to advocate a happy and healthy life for these precious animals despite any physical or medical limitations. On August 27th, Handicapped Pets was faced with the difficult feat of narrowing down their overwhelming response of submissions to 53 finalists. Via Facebook, the company’s following of almost 100K has contributed their ‘likes’ to vote for their choice of Walkin’ Wheels pups. Upon the contest’s conclusion on September 10th, thirteen dazzling pets will be selected as favorites to be featured in a 2016 calendar: one for each month, plus a cover photo.

The competitive contest has attracted a remarkably enthusiastic response, with leading finalists collecting thousands of votes. Proud parents of these inspirational pets frequently ‘share’ the contest post with friends and family online, and many finalists are even making it into their local newspaper.

The fan base for these charming pets is passionate and steadfast, cheering on the finalists daily. “Go Cleo. Forever in our hearts” One user commented on the late local sensation, Cleo the Corgi’s photo submission.  With the deadline drawing near, be sure to cast your vote for your most admired contestant at facebook.com/handicappedpets!

Written by: Alicia Buonamano, HandicappedPets.com