Walkin' Front Safety Harness

Walkin' Front Safety Harness

Convertible Dog Seat Belt & Harness for Safe Pet Travel

A Pet Safety Belt for your Canine will help:

  • Prevent car or truck driver distraction: Prevent your dog from distracting the driver! Driver distraction results in thousands of unnecessary accidents.
  • Protect passengers from injury in an accident: In the event of a sudden stop, an unrestrained animal can become a projectile – hurting themselves and others in the vehicle.
  • Reduce injury during travel to your pet: Animals are frequently injured by being thrown into wheel wells and underneath seats – or into/through windows.
  • Help rescue workers by keeping a dog restrained: In the event of an accident, a frightened animal may try to protect an unconscious passenger, making rescue more difficult for rescue workers.

Our Walkin' Front Safety Harness protects not only the animal when used as a dog seat belt, but the driver and passengers in a car or truck as well. Whether preventing a frightened dog from jumping into the front seat and distracting a driver or being hurt in a crash, a dog safety belt can help keep your family safe while traveling. Plus, it doubles as a walking harness when you get to your destination!

dog seat belt Dog Seat Belt and Harness

Strength and Durability

The tensile strength of the High-Tenacity Nylon webbing used in this product is rated at 2,500 lbs. The Steel (Nickel) hardware used has a similar crash rating. This dog seat belt will help keep your dog and other travelers safe in an accident.

Adjustable in Size

This canine safety pet car seat belt comes in 3 different sizes (M, L, and XL). Each size is adjustable in order to ensure your pet's comfort and to conform to your dog's specific bodily proportions. Our product fits most dogs 25-110 lbs.


The canine safety belt can also be used as a walking harness without making any modifications. Just attach your dog leash and go!


The dog seat belt harness easily slips through your vehicle’s seat belt (see video on this page) to safely hold your dog. Buckling your pet into your vehicle becomes simple!


This product is Guaranteed to be compatible with your vehicle.



Sizing: How to choose the right size

Your dog's weight will determine the right size safety belt

Seat Belt Size

Pet Weight


25 to 45 lbs.


45 to 70 lbs.


70 - 110 lbs

dog with a seat belt on

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It is very difficult to know exactly what happens to a dog in a vehicle crash since the testing tools available in the industry are very limited. In our opinion, a dog that is harnessed reduces the chance of the pet being injured by hitting other objects or occupants in the vehicle. It should also protect a dog from injuries associated with sudden stops and starts.

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Walkin' Front Safety Harness

FREE Heavy Duty Metal Clip Included!
Price for all sizes: $24.95 $18.71

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Heavy Duty Metal Clip

Heavy Duty Metal Clip
Connects directly into seat belt for added safety.
Buy the clip separately for $9.95


Simba riding in the car

Simba and I both love this seat belt. Riding with him in the car is so much safer and easier. He sits in the back seat, looks around, and he is so happy. I can drive calmly without having to worry about him moving from side to side or even sliding off the seat suddenly. The belt is sturdy, and at first I though it was going to be to heavy on him, but not at all. Easy to snap on.
-Tina Di Salvia

Team Swin Safety

I am very satisfied with HandicappedPets.com products and will be referring all three of Amber's veterinarians to the ‘Veterinarian Registration’ page on its website. I am also in the process of writing a book which will feature a picture of Amber in her wheelchair on the front cover. Thank you.
- Riley & Amber

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