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13 Year Old German Shepherd Walks Again

Degenerative Myelopathy Dog Walks Again

I just ordered my 13 yr old German Shep mix a dog wheelchair from My dog has German Shep degenerative myelopathy so she is in no pain, she just has a progressive lack of sensation that started out of the blue a little less than a year ago. I got the wheelchair today and set it up, and I strapped her in and before I could move to get up, she was off and rolling. She went for a walk for about 15 minutes because I couldn't get her to stop going. I am so happy for her.

I am also happy that I didn't listen to everyone including her vet that told me either to put her to sleep, she is too old to learn how to use a wheelchair, or that I should get it in my head now that pretty soon she will have to be put down. I tried acupuncture for a few months and to begin with it looked like it may be slowing the progression and then overnight one day she was having issues with the back right leg not working after a few minutes of walking. About 4 months ago, I ordered a harness from which she took to right away. However, on long walks, it gets hard when I am walking with my pitbull, too. I have also had to carry her from under her belly so she could get up and down the stairs for about 6 months now.

It is progressive, so over the past few weeks she hasn't really been able to hold her weight for longer than a few steps. I think the use of the harness and allowing her to use her front legs while lifting her back legs with the stairs have helped her to be able to jump right into the wheelchair and go without any training. I was almost jumping up and down tonight when she just took off in the wheelchair. I will recommend your chairs to anyone I come across with a dog having issues with walking. Just wanted to inform you of a happy customer.

-Danielle Cooper



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