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Walkin' Wheels® - No complex measuring. Adjusts for all size dogs.

Five Reasons for Walkin Wheels
Walkin' Wheels

for Handicapped Pets
The only dog wheelchair that features push button adjustability in height, length and width!  
 Avoid complex measurements and order your wheelchair here for same-day shipping.
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Dogs that can't walk, have weak hind legs, or tire easily use our Rear Wheel Dog Wheelchairs to get the exercise they need to live a happy, healthy, active life. Your dog will use his or her front legs to move, explore, play, and go to the bathroom while the back legs are lightly touching the ground or safely held up in stirrups.

Click a Size Below or Scroll Down for More Information

Mini 249 to 299
8-25 Lbs (3.5-11kg)
Medium 399 to 439
25-69 Lbs (11-31kg)
Large 439 to 499
70-150 Lbs (31-68kg)
Full Support Add 159 to 199
Four Wheels

Our veterinarian-approved Walkin' Wheels is designed to help animals with hip and leg problems including degenerative myelopathy (DM), hip dysplasia, arthritis, paralysis, slipped disc, soreness, spinal and neurological problems, surgical recovery and more. Walkin' Wheels adjustable dog wheelchair for handicapped & disabled pets can be ordered without taking complex measurements, ships same day, and folds flat for convenient transport and storage. Our worldwide network of veterinarians, distributors and supportive caretaker community means you are getting the best-selling, most recommended dog wheelchair in the world.


Depending on your dog's specific measurements, wheelchair prices range from $249 (for small dogs like pugs and dachshunds) to $459 (for larger dogs like German shepherds, Great Danes,and mastiffs). Use The Dog wheelchair Wizard to calculate the price based on your dog's specific measurement. Click here to see our measurement/price table.

Price Estimate

Want a quick price estimate, enter your dogs measurements below:

The Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair System. How it works.

Walkin' Wheels is the ONLY Fully adjustable dog wheelchair. With simple snap buttons, the universal frame expands in length, width and height to fit all sizes. Interchangeable snap-in wheels and struts are all that is needed to adjust the Walkin' Wheels for different sizes of dogs. Adjusts for a perfect fit. Can be used on any dog. Medium and large sizes fold flat for convenient transport and storage.


  • Fits perfectly now, and also as your dog's health changes.
  • Only one measurement required, The Dog wheelchair Wizard determines the size for your dog.
  • Fits any size dog! The "Mini" is for small dogs under 25 lbs. Medium size fits dogs from 25 to 69 lbs. Large size fits dogs 70 lbs and over.
  • Overnight shipping available.
  • Typically Ships same day
  • Folds flat for easy transport. Fits in tote bag. (Medium and Large only)
  • Easy to resell because it can be adjusted and used on any dog.

Using the Wizard to find correct size and price

Our Dog Wheelchair Wizard does it all for you! Just answer a few simple questions and you'll see the exact configuration and price of the dog wheelchair you need.

Buy Now Dog Wheelchair
Go to the wizard to calculate size and price

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair Wizard

Shipping Information:

Shipping is easy. We usually ship the same day you place the order from either New England or Nevada so your wheelchair can arrive within a day or so. International Shipping is easy, or you can order directly from one of our International Distributors.

Walkin' Wheels Express Shipping:

1 to 3 Day delivery for Walkin' Wheels, most areas in the Continental US (see map). Your order will be shipped same day by UPS ground from our East Coast or West Coast facility and can be expected to arrive according to this map. Delivery times are not guaranteed by us or by UPS. Orders must be placed by 12:00 Noon Eastern or 9:00 a.m. Pacific for same day shipping. Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs only. Other products are shipped separately. If you need a guarantee of shipping time, please select from additional charge shipping options. Click Here For More Shipping Information

Looking to save on shipping? Like us on Facebook and receive an instant $50 off coupon. Use coupon code during checkout!

"Can my Pet Pee and Poop in the Wheelchair?"

Yes, that's the point of the dog wheelchair -- to help your dog get the exercise he needs and to do his business.

"Can my Pet Use his/her Rear Legs in the Wheelchair?"

Yes, we encourage your dog to use his/her rear legs to maintain muscle mass and to get exercise. If the rear legs are paralyzed, using the stirrups will keep the dog's legs from dragging.

"How Do I Measure My Dog?"

Fold of FlankThe one simple measurement we need - Fold of Flank

The wheelchair is so adjustable that we only need one measurement; the height of the dog (Called "Fold of Flank to ground). This will allow us to determine the correct size wheel. The measurement doesn't need to be exact. If you're off by a few inches it will adjust, or you can exchange the struts or wheels for the correct size.

"Can I get Walkin' Wheels in other countries?"

YES! You can order directly from us, or contact one of our international dealers. Please visit our international dealers page by clicking here.
Kurt and his new Walkin' Wheels

Did You Know?!

- We've shipped Walkin' Wheels to 12,000 cities.
- In 2010 Pet Age magazine awarded us the silver medal for product of the year.
- Instruction book, DVD, and call-in support come standard with every order.
- Our wheelchairs can be folded flat to fit in a tote bag.
- Our wheelchair parts are easily replaceable, thus ensuring it lasts a lifetime.
- Your dog wheelchair usually ships same day!

Instruction Videos, Live Help, and Manuals

Getting your dog in the wheelchair for the first time is easy. If you need help we've got instruction videos, manuals, expert phone support during business hours, and live chat on the website – all the help you need to get started.

Instructional Videos
Walkin' Wheels Manuals

Just ask our Customers! 5 Star Approved

Join our community of thousands of users on social networks or visit our help and advice forum with a message board containing over 80,000 messages from around the world. Read heartwarming testimonials and stories – or our book "Miracle Dogs: Adventures on Wheels." The Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair has changed the world, allowing tens of thousands of dogs to live happy, healthy, and active lives.

Why We Invented the Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

Dog wheelchairs have been around for 20 years. At first they were built for specific dogs by their owners or friends. Eventually they became more widespread and could be ordered by taking dozens of measurements and sending them to the builder who would create a set of wheels for the dog in a few weeks to over a month.

This is the way many industries begin, but the 'custom made' aspects of new products don't last long. Soon the dog wheelchair industry became large enough to support some invention and innovation and the adjustable dog wheelchair was introduced.

The main advantage of a custom made wheelchair is that, if made correctly, it will fit your dog precisely. This is good, but, as dog owners soon found out, there were a number of serious problems, some of which could impact the health of the dog. A dozen or more measurements were required in order to build a dog wheelchair that fit. If the measurements were not correct, the wheelchair would be useless, or would require a return to the manufacturer. If the dog's health changed for the better or the worse, the wheelchair could not be adjusted to accommodate this. This was a terrible problem for growing dogs.

Often the wheelchairs were quite cumbersome. In order to get them in a suitcase or the trunk of a car they would need complex disassembly. They took as long as two weeks to build when often they were needed immediately. Because there was so much labor involved, the wheelchair could not easily be returned if the dog was unable to use it for any reason. When the dog no longer needed it, it could not be adapted for another dog. Walkin' Wheels, the leader in dog wheelchairs, solves ALL of these problems in a sporty, convenient, great value piece of equipment.

Quality Versus Price Dilemma

In 2005 when we started working with engineers to create Walkin' Wheels adjustable dog wheelchair for handicapped & disabled pets, we had a choice-- we could either engineer the lowest priced product and hope customer's didn't care too much about quality or create the world's best pet wheelchair. We chose the latter and the thousands of letters we've received and posts on our message board at in the last 10 years are proof that customers wanted us to focus on quality.

Years of Research

Ever since Mark C. Robinson (inventor of Walkin' Wheels) had his 'aha' moment we've been on the quest of constant improvement. In the last 10 years our wheelchairs have brought happiness to tens of thousands of pets worldwide. Our loyal customers constantly give feedback for product features. This means every few years we're able to further enhance Walkin' Wheels. Our current model is the greatest version we've ever created, and it's also our best-selling model.

Meet the team behind Walkin' Wheels adjustable dog wheelchair.

Resale Value

Custom built wheelchairs can only be used for one dog, which means they have $0 resale value. Our patented fully-adjustable wheelchairs retain their value because they can be resold (, or or donated to fit any dog.

  • Handicapped Chihuahua Inducted into Hall of Fame is proud to share the news of another achievement for a dog using a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair! Selina, a rescued Chihuahua mix, was inducted into the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association Hall of Fame earlier this month. Selina was adopted from a shelter in New York City just days before she was scheduled to be euthanized. She has undergone back surgery and extensive physical rehabilitation treatments since being adopted by veterinarian technician Melissa Stevens...Read More

  • Masya Sends an Update from Russia with Love

    All around the world, animal shelters, rescue groups, veterinarians and pet owners are choosing the fully adjustable Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair for their companions that are experiencing mobility problems. This week, we received a very special update from Russia with love from Masya and her caretaker Lucy who hopes to find this wonderful wheelchair dog a home of her own. Masya has been successfully using her pink Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair for over six months now. The shelter was extremely grateful to have been provided with a new wheelchair to replace a handmade cart that was not providing adequate support. Now, Masya loves to run at full speed in her Walkin’ Wheels, and the shelter has nicknamed her Rocket...Read More

  • Blind Pugsley Regains Freedom with Walkin Wheels

    This is Pugsley, my 13 year old blind diabetic pug. She lost her eyes due to glaucoma 2 years ago. She is also a cancer survivor. Over the past year, her hind legs have been losing muscle mass which caused her to fall down. Within the past two weeks, it had gotten to the point where she did not want to walk anymore. For everything she has been through, she still has a lot of pep to her. My coworker and I were researching dog wheelchair options for Miss Pugsley. We saw video after video watching pets gain their mobility back with Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs. We were amazed at how happy the dogs were! I wasn't sure if my blind dog would take to her cart, but she sure did!...Read More

  • Alfie Took to His Walkin' Wheels Like a Duck to Water

    With the record setting snowfalls we have been having in New England this year, we couldn’t wait to feature Alfie as our pet of the week. He is already enjoying the snow out in Colorado in his Walkin’ Wheels, and we are looking forward to follow up photos of him using our new Walkin’ Ski Attachment. His family reports to us that, “Alfie took to his Walkin’ Wheels like a duck to water, and we have not seen him so happy in over a year and half.” They asked that we share his photos so that other pet owners can know that Walkin’ Wheels is such a wonderful product...Read More

  • Stephie the Bulldog is a Fashion Plate on Wheels

    There is no stopping Stephie the bulldog! In spite of recent spinal trauma that has required her to use a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, Stephie continues to strut her stuff and showcase her doggie fashions for all of her Facebook friends to see. Stephie has appeared recently in outfits ranging from Hello Kitty to more relaxed styles featuring a sweatshirt and jeans. We have enjoyed several of Stephie’s posts to our own Facebook page, so we wanted to learn more about her and feature her as our profile pet of the week. Stephie’s pet parent Leizza Bradford shared the following: Stephie became suddenly paralyzed on the evening of January 10, 2015 and was taken to the emergency clinic the following morning. She was referred to a neurologist who performed surgery to relieve pressure on several compressed discs...Read More

  • Guppie's pet parent Jessica Gruenberg shared the story of how they met online

    When we saw the adorable Guppie posted on our Facebook page, we knew that we had to learn more about her. Guppie is using the Walkin’ Wheels Mini dog wheelchair with the optional front vest designed specifically for dachshunds. Guppie’s pet parent Jessica Gruenberg shared the story of how they met online. I was looking for another dachshund as a playmate for the one I currently had. I saw Guppie’s picture on Craigslist and just fell in love. She had been found wandering the streets of Ypsilanti, Mi in pretty bad shape. She had toenails so long they were curling, internal injuries from being kicked, and was not at a healthy weight. A young woman took her in and got her to a vet where they spayed her and got her healthy. They believed Guppie had at one time been a backyard breeder...Read More

  • Richard is Ready for Winter

    Our handicapped pet of the week is Richard from Slovenia who proves that he is ready to face the winter with his Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, Walkin’ Pet Boots and Walkin’ Drag Bag. Richard’s family reports that life is so much better now that he can rejoin his gang for walks outside and spend time playing in the snow. The boots and drag bag provide an extra layer of warmth and protection. We recently received this video of Richard’s fourth time in his Walkin’ Wheels that we could not wait to share...Read More

  • Milo Uses Walkin' Wheels to Cope with DM

    German shepherds are sadly one of the breeds most genetically predisposed to developing degenerative myelopathy, or DM. The disease causes progressive deterioration of the spinal column that begins with hind limb weakness and ultimately leads to paralysis. Our pet of the week Milo, however, is proof that dogs with DM can cope extremely well especially when they are introduced to using a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair at the early onset of the disease. While dogs at any stage of degenerative myelopathy can benefit from a wheelchair, introducing one sooner rather than later can help maintain strength and activity levels. We are thrilled to share this testimonial and photos of Milo that we received from his family who was so grateful to be celebrating the holidays with their beloved companion...Read More

  • A Former Stray Turned Miracle Dog

    It has been nearly four years since we first met Duke, a stray dog that was cruelly shot and thrown into the Des Moines River on a freezing cold day in January 2011. It was a miracle that Duke was able to survive such cruelty, but even more miraculous is the life that Duke has led since that fateful day. Duke’s heartwarming tale of rescue and rehabilitation is one of thirteen inspirational chapters included in the book “Miracle Dogs – Adventures on Wheels” by Sandy Johnson. This holiday season, we hope that you will join us in celebrating the spirit of giving by purchasing a copy for every animal lover on your holiday list...Read More

  • Jameson Makes People Smile in His Dog Wheelchair

    Jameson, our 10 year old black Labrador Retriever, was recently diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. He lost the ability to walk using his back legs. We ordered the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair in December, and he is doing great! People drive by us on walks and stop to say how happy they feel when they see him out walking again! Thank you so much for helping our dog and making everyone who sees him smile! Mike, Holly and Jameson!...Read More

  • Walkin' Wheels Saved Max's Life

    We love hearing stories from our customers about how they had almost given up hope for their dog, but then Walkin’ Wheels made it possible for him or her to enjoy life again! We received this message along with video and photos of Briana Burke’s Labrador Max, and we could not wait to showcase him as our Handicapped Pet of the Week: After leaving home to work on the TV show "Nashville", I kept receiving reports from home that, “Max wasn't doing well, couldn't get around and was having many accidents in the house due to his arthritis and hip dysplasia.” On hiatus after our first season, I really thought I was coming home to say goodbye to my dog. I bought the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair as a last ditch effort, and this video was the result of his first day out! Daily walks on his Walkin’ Wheels and the movement of his back legs without weight on them has helped improve Max's strength and mobility in his hind quarters...Read More

  • Pepper walking her dad
    Pepper walking her dad

    We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your company and their products! Our sweet baby Pepper is 14 years old, had hip dysplasia, and neurological symptoms preventing her from being able to walk. She always loved her long walks with her daddy. However, very suddenly she was unable to stand on her own. Our vet said her heart is strong and her blood work is good -- meaning there is still quality of life for her. Thanks to her doggy wheelchair she is able to walk with her daddy again and is one happy girl! We thank you again and wish you much success! Warmest regards, Susan Jones...Read More

  • Dog Wheelchair for Spinal Condition

    Our 10 year old German shepherd has a spinal issue impacting his back legs. We've been using shoes to give him traction, but he's now having more difficulty keeping his back end up and has been unable to go on walks further than a block. He is also extremely nervous when surrounded or feels closed in. Yesterday, I put our Walkin' Wheels together and brought it outside. I brought the harness to Kodi and slipped it over his head and snapped it together. We then limped outside, and I set the cart over him, and lifted his legs in. Kodi surprisingly let me do all of this, and when I started walking down the driveway, he immediately followed. We walked our small subdivision twice and even when he got snagged on a rock that he just had to water, he was able to back up and get around it (he is very smart)...Read More

  • Jaxie wants Walkin Wheels to

    Jaxie has been using his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair since July 2012. He has degenerative myelopathy (“DM”) and has lost complete use of his back legs. Jaxie is learning how to use his Walkin’ Wheels now with the front leg attachment as he needs a little more help. Thank you for such a great product! I hope Walmart puts your product on their shelf so more pet owners can learn about this option for handicapped pets. In the meantime, you can buy directly from us...Read More

  •  A Dog Wheelchair for Degenerative Myelopathy

    I wanted to take the opportunity to "thank you" as Madison's Walkin' Wheels have truly made such a huge impact in our lives. Madison was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy in September 2012 at age 8, and it has been a very difficult year seeing her physically decline as she is soooooo full of life and love. I decided on doing aqua therapy with her in our pool as I wasn't sure about how she would adapt to the wheels. Then after talking to our vet, who is also a friend, she convinced me it would be something I wouldn't regret. We purchased Madison's new pink wheels as an early birthday gift and let me tell you..... I cried when I saw her run again after her frisbee and for her to be able to move around without my constant assistance was such an amazing feeling. To Read More: Click on the image to the left...Read More




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