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Push button adjustability in height, length, and width.
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Dogs that can't walk, have weak hind legs, or tire easily use our 2-Wheel Dog Wheelchairs to get the exercise they need to live a happy, healthy, active life. Your dog will use his or her front legs to move, explore, and play, while the back legs are lightly touching the ground or safely held up in stirrups. 4-Wheel carts are designed for dogs who have lost mobility in their front and rear legs.

Our veterinarian-approved Walkin' Wheels is designed to help animals with hip and leg problems including degenerative myelopathy (DM), hip dysplasia, arthritis, paralysis, slipped disc, soreness, spinal and neurological problems, surgical recovery and more. Walkin' Wheels adjustable dog wheelchair for disabled pets can be ordered without taking complex measurements, ships same day, and folds flat for convenient transport and storage. You are getting the best-selling, most recommended dog wheelchair in the world, with customer service that continues to support you and your dog.

1 Adjustability. NO OTHER dog wheelchair is so adjustable that it can fit ANY size dog. Walkin' Wheels® can be used on growing dogs, other dogs, and has great resale value.

2 No Complex Measurements. Beware of dog wheelchairs that are sold only based on the weight of the dog. A Basset Hound and a Greyhound can be the same weight but are very different in size and shape. Height, weight, and breed gives us enough information for a perfect fit.

3 Lightweight, balanced, and strong! Your dog doesn't care about the weight of the cart because he doesn't lift it � it rolls -- but you care. Our cart needs to stand up to an active lifestyle. That's why we made it out of lightweight aircraft aluminum, extruded for maximum strength. Our patented, adjustable knuckle allows you to balance your cart perfectly, and change the balance if the dog's health changes. This means it's always comfortable for the dog.

4 Our Community, Veterinarians, and "Caretakers Corner". Join the world's largest handicapped pet caretaker's community. With 70,000+ caretakers in our Facebook community, 80,000+ messages on our Caretakers Cafi' forum, and over 400 referring veterinarians and dealers, you will be a part of revolutionary change in the way we care for animals.

5 HandicappedPets.com service "Everything you need". We work to provide everything you need to care for an elderly, disabled, or injured pet. We carry over 250 products including harnesses, boots, diapers, and much, much more. When you buy products from HandicappedPets.com you are assured the quality service and support you need from the largest global supplier of products for handicapped pets. Serving the community since 2001, we understand what you need to care for your best friend.

Use the Wizard to find correct size and price

Our Dog Wheelchair Wizard does it all for you! Just answer a few simple questions and you'll see the exact configuration and price of the dog wheelchair you need.

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Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair Wizard

How the Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair System works

Walkin' Wheels is the ONLY Fully adjustable dog wheelchair. With simple snap buttons, the universal frame, (comes in small, medium, large), expands in length, width and height to fit all sizes. Interchangeable snap-in wheels and struts are all that is needed to adjust the Walkin' Wheels for different sizes of dogs. Adjusts for a perfect fit. Medium and large sizes fold flat for convenient transport and storage.


    • Expert customer support always just a direct line phone call away.
    • Instructional videos and live chat is available on the website.
    • Instruction manual and DVD come standard with every order.
    • Top quality, lightweight aluminum material.
    • Only one measurement required, The Dog wheelchair Wizard determines the size for your dog.
    • Fits any size dog! The "Small" is for small dogs under 25 lbs. Medium size fits dogs from 25 to 69 lbs. Large size fits dogs 70 lbs and over.
    • Folds flat for easy transport. Fits in tote bag. (Medium and Large only)
    • Our wheelchair parts are easily replaceable, thus ensuring it lasts a lifetime.
    • Easy to resell because it can be adjusted and used on any dog.
    • Shipping: Typically ships same day • overnight shipping available • international shipping available
      Delivery is 1 to 5 days for Walkin’ Wheels in much of the Continental U.S. (click to see map). Your order will be shipped from our East Coast or West Coast facility, depending on product stock availability. When selecting ground transportation, we will select the fastest way for you using either UPS or USPS. Orders must be placed by 12 Noon EST, or 9 a.m. PST for same day shipping. If you need a guarantee of shipping time, please select from additional shipping options at checkout.

"Can my Pet pee and poop in the Dog Wheelchair?"

Yes, that's the point of the dog wheelchair -- to help your dog get the exercise he needs and to do his business.

"Can my Pet Use his/her Rear Legs in the Wheelchair?"

Yes, we encourage your dog to use his/her rear legs to maintain muscle mass and to get exercise. If the rear legs are paralyzed, using the stirrups will keep the dog's legs from dragging.

"Can I get Walkin' Wheels in other countries?"

Yes! You can order directly from us, or contact one of our international dealers. Please visit our international dealers page by clicking here.
Kurt and his new Walkin' Wheels

Just ask our Customers! 5 Star Approved

Join our community of thousands of users on social networks or visit our help and advice forum with a message board containing over 80,000 messages from around the world. Read heartwarming testimonials and stories – or our book "Miracle Dogs: Adventures on Wheels." The Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair has changed the world, allowing tens of thousands of dogs to live happy, healthy, and active lives.

Years of Research

Ever since Mark C. Robinson (inventor of Walkin' Wheels) had his 'aha' moment we've been on the quest of constant improvement. In the last 10 years our wheelchairs have brought happiness to tens of thousands of pets worldwide. Our loyal customers constantly give feedback for product features. This means every few years we're able to further enhance Walkin' Wheels. Our current model is the greatest version we've ever created, and it's also our best-selling model.

Meet the team behind Walkin' Wheels adjustable dog wheelchair.

Resale Value

Our patented fully-adjustable wheelchairs retain their value because they can be resold (useddogwheelchairs.com, ebay.com or amazon.com) or donated to other dogs.

Sophie the saint bernard


We received Sophie's Walkin' Wheels yesterday. We assembled it and put Sophie in it. She will take a little time to get used to it, but it's the first time she's wagged her tail since June.

We're so happy for her. The cool part is, we posted a video of her walking with it on Facebook. It got over 100 likes in less then two hours! We are very happy!

Thank you.




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